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The Collaborative Process

After each party has decided that he or she wants to move forward with the collaborative law process, a series of scheduled meetings will occur. Since collaborative law is all about flexibility, it is important to remember that your process may not follow any particular order as outlined below. By working with us at Miller & Associates, Attorneys LLP, we can develop a plan and spell out the next steps for your case.

Below is a general outline of the collaborative process:

  • Taking the first step: Each party hires his or her attorney; someone who is specifically trained as a mediator and collaborative practice attorney. At your free consultation with an attorney at Miller & Associates, we can provide you with a flyer that you can give to the other spouse if he/she is still in need of a qualified collaborative practice attorney.
  • Meeting your team: The parties will be referred to divorce coaches that each attorney recommends and the parties will meet with the divorce coaches. The divorce coaches will then talk to the referring attorney about whether the client is a good fit for a collaborative divorce and the extent to which a divorce coach should be involved in the process.
  • Making a plan: The first four-way meeting will be held between the attorneys, clients, and possibly divorce coaches where the collaborative practice agreement will be signed and other organizational issues and concerns will be handled. A discussion of hot button issues and potential agreements on simple issues can also be reached at this first session.
  • Putting your plan into action: All other sessions will include gathering and organizing information, identifying interests of each party, identifying and brainstorming options for resolutions, and reaching agreements that each party can accept while drafting and implementing agreements.

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