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Benefits Of Collaboration

For most couples and families, collaborative practices offer opportunities to cut back on the costs of a divorce, save time, minimize stress and anxiety, keep personal affairs private, and ultimately draft a series of agreements that resolve their present difficulties while planning for the future.

The Collaborative Law Process Puts You In Control

The financial and emotional benefits of collaborative methods are easy to see, but just as important is the ability of each party to see that his or her voice is heard when reaching agreements on matters of child support, custody, spousal support and property division. We are trained and certified mediators and collaborative practice lawyers who will help you work with your former spouse and the rest of the collaborative team.

The following list contains some of the benefits collaborative methods provide:

  • Clients can save money because they are not litigating
  • Client-centered methods allow for greater transparency and control
  • Clients control the ultimate outcome and always have the final say
  • Clients are involved in the entire process and each party always knows what is happening
  • Parties are empowered to make their own decisions instead of a judge making the decisions for them
  • The emotional stress is far less than in the litigation model
  • Young children are spared the emotional trauma of watching their parents fight during litigation
  • Clients have the benefit of having anywhere from two to six professionals all working together to come up with the best possible solution to resolve a particular issue instead of having a judge decide that very important issue for them
  • Attorneys are trained to work together for the benefit of the family, as opposed to the litigation model where a divorce can become very conflicted and adversarial

Reduce The Emotional And Financial Costs Of Divorce

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