Societal shifts result in more moms paying child support

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Child Support, Firm News |

When a couple in Sacramento County decides to divorce, matters related to the division of assets and property must be sorted out. In divorce cases where children are involved, a couple must also come to a resolution about or turn to the courts to decide matters related to child custody and child support.

During the 1950s, a large percentage of men worked outside the home while most women stayed home to watch and raise children. Today, a large percentage of women work outside the home and many earn as much or more money than their spouses. The entrance of more women into the U.S. workforce has resulted in many societal changes including those related to child rearing.

Today’s dads are, in general, more active and involved in their children’s lives than dads of past decades. With just mom working or mom and dad both working, many dads regularly transport kids to school, help with homework and tackle bedtime routines. Given these shifts in parenting roles and responsibilities, it makes sense that we’re also seeing shifts in the number of fathers who are awarded child custody and the number of mothers who are paying child support.

Matters related to child custody are often highly emotional and contentious. While going through a divorce, parents are advised to do their best to set aside personal feelings and keep the best interest of a child in mind. It’s also important to note, that matters related to child custody and child support are not set in stone. Parents who wish to modify the terms of an existing child custody agreement or modify child support amounts would be wise to seek the advice of an attorney.

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