Divorce survival tips

by | Jul 13, 2014 | Firm News, High-Asset Divorce |

With so many feelings, memories and shared friends; it’s no wonder that the divorce process has often been equated to an emotional roller coaster. Add in very important concerns like children and finances and it’s no wonder some divorces end up becoming contentious and drawn-out courtroom battles. Given the many stresses associated with the divorce process, how can an individual who is going through a divorce remain sane?

Take a deep breath. Yes, divorce can be painful and both emotionally and financially taxing. However, even though it may seem like a divorce will never end, it will. Of course, those immersed in the divorce process often have difficult time thinking rationally as matters related to the divorce dominate their every waking thought.

To make it through a divorce, individuals are advised to take care of their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs. Physical and mental exercises like running, yoga or meditation can help an individual carve out me time when their thoughts and focus can be diverted from divorce matters. Likewise, joining a book club or making time for non-divorce related activities is healthy and important.

In addition to carving out me time, divorcing parents would also be wise to take time to have fun with their children. Depending on a child’s age, he or she may experience anxiety, confusion, sadness and anger related to the divorce. It’s important, therefore, that both parents take time to engage in fun activities that allow a child to simply be a child.

For divorcees who are dealing with a difficult and combative ex, the divorce process can be particularly burdensome. If faced with this reality, the best thing to do is to simply do nothing. There’s no better way to prove to an angry ex that they no longer have power or the upper-hand than to remain calm and cordial. When a combative ex realizes that efforts to goad an ex-husband or ex-wife aren’t working, they may also stop acting to childishly.

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